Hello, I have a trouble in a pdf attachemen...

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I have a trouble in a pdf attachement.

Some of the pictures are put in landscape and some in portrait.

How to make sure that all the pictures are in Portrait?


My images are in Thumbmail format They are created with a link to my server

When I open the link in my broser they are in Landscape => I created a view in the app to see how the images are displayed. Somme are in Landscape, others are in portrait. See attahced picture in commentary

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I think you will find that the images in the PDF are displayed in the same orientation that they are displayed in the View.

There is currently no way to specify the orientation of images within the workflow template (and hence in the PDF).

Please correct me, if I am wrong.

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@Philip_Garrett_Appsh Thanks a lot, As I knew

the problem was not from Apsheet thanks to you, I checked my server. It came from the server.

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@Benoit_Gramond Glad to hear that you were successful.