Hello I would like to connect appsheet to fr...

(Gilmour101Li95) #1


I would like to connect appsheet to free mysql host like (https://www.000webhost.com/) but it doesn’t work, appsheet dont succeed in connecting to the server.

Have an idea ?



(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

@Gilmour101Li95 Hi Gilmour, could you provide the error message that you saw? Also, have you checked out the article below?

intercom.help - Using Data from MySQL Using Data from MySQL intercom.help

(Gilmour101Li95) #3

Thanx a lot for your response. for the second question, I do. The message is : “Failed to establish connection. Error: Unable to connect to any of the specified MySQL hosts.”

I try with difference ones and it’s always the same message. I have just tried with my oneandone account and it’s the same message.

Capture.PNG drive.google.com

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #4

@Gilmour101Li95 Hi Gilmour, this error message indicates that our server was unable to identify or locate any MySQL database to connect to. There are a few possible reasons:

  1. Your MySQL instance is not hosted at the default MySQL port 3306. If this is the case, you’ll need to include the port number in the instance address. To do this, append the port number to the address after a colon.

  2. The instance address or the name of the database might be incorrect.Please verify that they are spelled correctly

  3. There might be a firewall preventing AppSheet from accessing the database. If so, you will need to add AppSheet’s server IP addresses to your database whitelist. Please read the above article for more information on how to do this.

(Gilmour101Li95) #5

Hi Dinh, thanx again.

Here is some informations and questions : 1. Port is 3306. I check it. 2. I try again, but it’s correct. 3. The cloud server is on a extern server (1and1). I find a rule on the extranet : “please, only access to your database with your website”. There is a firewall.

Can i ask 1and1 to open to your adress ?

Is there any other cloud mysql database (free to the begining)

I can use with Appsheet ?


(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #6

@Gilmour101Li95 If the hosting service you are using has a firewall, you will need to add AppSheet’s IP addresses to the firewall’s whitelist: and

If your hosting service does not have this option, I highly recommend using either Google MySQL or Amazon RDS instead.