Hey...ENUM and ENUMLIST...Did anyone notice?

Maybe I’m late to the party??

When we set a column to type ENUM or ENUMLIST with a base type of REF, we no longer need to save before we can set the Referenced Table. Yeah!!!


Whoa! That’s brand new! Neat!

That is definitely an improvement!

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Yes it was working for me yesterday. But sadly not working now anymore :frowning:

@Rifadm817 You may have lost the fix when we temporarily rolled back the deployment. We have now completed the rollout so that the fix is available for everyone. Feel free to let me know if the issue persists for you. Thanks!


I tried and for ENUMLIST I Have to save and come again to change the source.

@Rifadm817 If the issue persists after doing a hard reload of the editor (Ctrl+Shift+R) and you would like follow up, you can send me a message with your account ID, app name, table name, and column name where the issue is happening. I am unable to reproduce the issue myself, so I would have to use that information to debug the issue in your app. Thanks!


Thanks for your assistance. I checked now and its working. @natalie