Hi all, i am checking if it is possible to u...

(Martin Obermair) #1

Hi all,

i am checking if it is possible to use appsheet for a caretaker service company. I am almost done and only one the before being an buying custormer :wink:

We have to do tasks for our customers which are saved in a table. My Problem is, that the activity

are so different from customer to customer that is not possible to save all possible jobs in one table. So i would need about 5 different “task tables” to match all customers (with references to the customer table of course).

But when i open the customer view, i will see all 5 related tables ( i only need one or 2 ). i have

a column in my customer table, which task table should be used but how can i filter the shown “related tables” .?

Thanks a lot and BR Martin

(Reza Raoofi) #2

Have you tried Show_if property of the column that says: [Related Table…]? You could enter a condition in it based on the value of another column in Customer’s table e.g. [Customer Type]

(Steven Coile) #3

Without a lot of detail to go on, I would suggest you look at the Show if property for views (UX > Views, view, MENU ENTRY > Show if) to affect visibility of views in the main menu and/or the bottom row buttons, and/or slices (Data > Slices) to hide table rows for some users.

(Martin Obermair) #4

@RezaRaoofi Hi Reza, perfect!! This was exactly what i was looking for!!!

Thanks a lot and have a nice weekend!! Greetings from Germany


(Martin Obermair) #5

+Steve Coile


(Reza Raoofi) #6

You are welcome @Martin_Obermair