Hi Appsheet! I have created an attendance lis...

Hi Appsheet! I have created an attendance list for training courses.

Everything was working great until the Signature field displayed “Tap to unlock” before being able to enter the data.

As this app is used by other colleagues (not so tech friendly), it should be as simple and intuitive as possible. Is there any way I can enter the data without having to tap again?

Thanks in advance!

@Sarah_Gould_AppSheet is this a new behavior, I’ve confirmed mine does this as well

I would need to play with it later when I’m on my computer, but try the maxrow as you had it, and then .[column client]

Try that with and without the dot…

Also, please note, that I don’t work for appsheet, I’m a community moderator, simply trying to help out.

@Grant_Stead Ok thanks, I understand and thank you for your help.

Is there anyone else who might be able to help?

Aleksi Alkio?

@Grant_Stead Oh thank you, I was wondering if there was something I changed by mistake in the settings of the App or Google Sheets.

Hopefully there is something we could do so it doens’t appear “Tap to unlock” by default.

Hello all!

Quick question about Initial Value and expressions.

Is there a way for the initial value of a field to be whatever the input was that the last person who submitted a form had?

What would the expression be for that?

For example, I will be inputting information into a form and using the same client’s name for several submissions.

So it would be handy for that client’s name to automatically pop up if I just submitted the form with their name…but then also be able to change it when I move on to the next client.

Thanks so much! Miranda

@Miranda_Lubarsky you want to do a maxrow on a date time stamp… https://help.appsheet.com/expressions/expression-types/list-expressions-and-aggregates

@Grant_Stead Hello and thank you, I didn’t realize I posted in someone else’s question.

Anyway, I did what you said but am not getting what I want.

I tried this in the initial value field:

MAXROW(Design Numbers Reorganization Table, Date of Entry Submission)

But it is returning a random number to me, not the Client Name which is what i want.


@Grant_Stead Ok, realizing that the MAXROW is returning the column key value, not the existing column that I am in (the Client Column).

For this table, the Client Column is not the key, and there is no way it can be the key because the client name is going to be repeating a bunch of times.

Is there any way to get it to show a

non-key column?

Or no?


MAXROW(Customers, SignupDate)

— returns the most recently created customer

So, you don’t reference a table… It’s operating naturally on the existing table… Replace customers with your client column name, and signupdate with your date column…

@Grant_Stead Then why does it say on the Appsheet website that you put the table name?

And I tried what you just said but it didn’t verify, it was asking for the table


Hi, have someone solved this issue?