Hi everyone! Yesterday's episode of AppSheet ...

(Madeline Clarke [AppSheet]) #1

Hi everyone! Yesterday’s episode of AppSheet Office Hours is up on YouTube. For the season finale, we covered 23 questions about topics including geofencing, maps, sensitive data, and upgrading.


What is geofencing? | 5:19

Is the lat-long of other users interactive? Or is their data static in this case? (Follow-up) | 14:39

How does it check and return an error if the device has GPS disabled? (Follow-up) | 15:50

When do I use square brackets, double quotes, and other types of notation in my expressions for geofencing? (Follow-up) | 26:52

When I go to add a new location, there is a pin on the map. Can a lat-long location coordinate be displayed on Google Maps with an AppSheet-defined icon for the pin? (Follow-up) | 28:38

Is the distance always in kilometers? (Follow-up) | 31:09

Is it more efficient to have a virtual column and slice expression, or have the distance only calculated in the slice? (Follow-up) | 31:24

Can I use this data to see who the ten nearest people are? (Follow-up) | 32:15

Is there a way to best integrate a customized map platform and host within AppSheet? | 33:11

Would the virtual column for distance only be calculated after a sync? What if the user moves after a sync? (Follow-up) | 34:30

Can we use a different custom map for each row? (Follow-up) | 35:17

Is there a way to create a report that is similar to an Excel pivot? It seems like one could create a Google Sheets report similar to a type of pivot that AppSheet could run. For example, monthly product sales per region (Region and Products as rows and Months as columns). | 36:06

How do I manage app updates with many users connected to the app? How do I roll back versions and how does all of this impact my data? | 38:53

I have never seen anyone use the last 4 options on the edit column definitions page (“Searchable”, “Scannable”, “Sensitive data”, “Spreadsheet formula”). Have these been covered in other videos? Where can I learn more? | 45:30

It would be useful to compare two of my apps, but the number of menus makes this difficult - is there a way of extracting a configuration into a spreadsheet? | 49:48

When I’m upgrading my app, there’s a field called “name of app to copy update from”. What is this? | 52:17

Which plan do you have to subscribe to in order to access sensitive data tagging? | 53:27

If my user opens a form inside of a form, is there a way to push some of the first form’s info to the next form? | 54:01

Would AppSheet consider offering a GPS tracking feature that is live, but with security questions allowing the app to track the user? | 55:26

I’m having trouble getting emails sent to the right recipient based on a workflow rule - it always sends to the same person. What’s going on? | 56:26

Is there a way to convert an Address type to a Lat-Long so that I can calculate distance from an address field? | 57:09

What is the easiest way to send email with an attached report after clicking a button? | 58:34

It would be cool if there was a table of previously answered Office Hours questions that also lists which episode of Office Hours the question was answered in and how far into the video the question was answered. (Feature request) | 59:04

(Stephen Mattison) #2

TYVM! New baby Clydesdale, Boonville, MO!