Hi, I am new to Appsheet and i need some advi...

(Vestidos Pinky) #1

Hi, I am new to Appsheet and i need some advise making my first app.

We manufacture Clothing and use the app for the quality control inspectors to log the progress of the style they are auditing, but is there a way that the admin can send the auditor a daily notification that includes which styles they need to look for?

I hope somebody can help me with this.


(Yılmaz Kandiş) #2

Yes, it is possible. But simply I suggest you to add a “status” column for each style. And you can set the “status” of each style as; “preparation, stictching, ironing, quality control, packing, etc…” Then, you can make a formula so the QC people can only see the styles whose status are “quality control”

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #3

You can use Scheduled Reports (in the Behavior tab) if you want to send daily notifications