HI, I have a am very new to this. I have a sp...

(David Smith) #1

HI, I have a am very new to this. I have a spreadsheet linked to my app. Clicking on the edit button opens a form in which users can click on a visual scale (0 - 5) to assign a value to a trait. This was automatically created by AppSheet based on the structure of my spreadsheet, which has drop down menus to restrict the data entry possible values possible for each cell. See image below.

However, after selecting a value for each trait in the app, it syncs a text value (i.e. '5 in stead of 5) to the spreadsheet rather than a numerical value.This mucks up the calculations in the spreadsheet based on formulas of course.

Any ideas how to instruct the app to update the spreadsheet with a numerical value?

Thanks so much. Dave

(Reza Raoofi) #2

Open the table’s column structure in app editor, and edit that column’s definition; the column type seems to be set as Enum; there is a base type that you can change from text to number.

(David Smith) #3

@RezaRaoofi Thanks Reza. I appreciate it. Happy New Year.