Hi There, I am creating an App with nested f...

(Dan) #1

Hi There,

I am creating an App with nested forms. Is there a way to format what columns can be viewed in the form that is nested? Also, is there a way to SUM all the values of a particular column in all the nested transactions?

Example: In the below Picture, the nested form is called “Carrier”. The columns that are visible are ‘Carrier’ & ‘Truck Rego’. Is there a way to choose other columns can be viewed there? May be ‘Date’ column instead of ‘Truck Rego’?

Also, if there are 100 stock items on the “Ash hill Transport” transaction, and 150 stock items on the “Hale River Transport” transaction; Is there a way to SUM the total stock items on both transport being 250 and view the SUM at the bottom of the nested form some how?

Please help.



(Aleksi Alkio) #2

If you open your UX > Views section, you will see “Show system views” on the bottom. Open it and find a Ref view like SMAData_Inline. Open it and you change choose what columns to show.

On the same view, you can group the view and add a Group aggregate.

You can then choose the SUM Stock Items and you will see the sum for this record…

(Dan) #3


Hi Aleksi, Thanks a million for your suggestion. It perfectly worked the way I wanted it to. Thanks Again. Best, Dan

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

You’re welcome