Hide All Group in Deck View


Is there a way to hide the All Group when you group in a Deck View?



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It would be a good feature to add to App Sheet. The All makes no sense in most cases when you do grouping.

Also it woul be good to add a first line with the path that shows where you are.

For example:

So when you drill down in grouping this title path shows where you are.


For group-based navigation, there are workaround approaches that you may wish to take a look at

In the below sample app, the gallery view is the main view and the deck view belonging to each grouping (Restaurant , Farms …) are a subcategory level. One could build, gallery to gallery ( main menu to sub menu) and then gallery to deck ( sub menu to sub-sub menu) One could possibly build table and/or deck views as menu and sub menu views


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Thanks Suvrutt,

The problem I have is that categories are related to two different tables, so when i press on the image, the app goes to a card type detail view and the two table views are showed bellow.

My questions are:

  1. Is there anyway to limit to only one table view?

  2. Why is a table view? How can a change this to a deck view already formatted?


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Thank you for sharing screenshots. I was about to suggest that.

So your configuration seems to be Gallery view — > Detail View — > Two inline table views. Is the gallery view and detail view are on the same table?

Yes, it should be possible. The app will need to know which inline table view to select. Either user can do it or there needs to be some logic that app can use to select one view. So you could have a quick edit enum in the detail view or action to select one of the tables( Selections or Racing Days). In turn you could hide reverse reference columns for these tables using Show_if based on enum,

Did you try changing the inline view type to deck view and face any problem?

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Did you try changing the inline view type to deck view and face any problem?

Well I didn’t Know that there were inline views automatically generated. Yes i have changed it without problems to deck view.

No problem at all. We all have initial learning curves.

AppSheet documentation is substantial and we all have a great community.



I remove the column that references to the other in the slice view that provides the data for the gallery view.

Now shows the inline deck view that i wanted. But with these flaws:

  1. There is summary on top of related records. Related Racing Days (24) . How can we hide this summary line?
  2. Slide show arrows are on the view, so you can move from track to track as a slide show. That is not abig deal, but can be removed, so the user have to go back to the gallery view and select the other track.
  3. The deck view only shows a few records. The user have to click on view link to see all the records. Is there any way that all records can be shown without clicking on view.


You could use display name as a blank. However (24) will continue to show. I believe that one cannot get rid of.

In the related detail view


Thanks Suvrutt. Very Helpful.

When i change the inline row limit all records were displayed. But still the view link at the end.

Also the slide show worked.

Anyway i would like to highlight to the developers of appsheet, which main focus is to facilitate the development of apps without code or with less code to add this feature that will simplify life for many users.

There is one way to remove it. Selecting the Tab No Headings

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