How do I recover my app?

Hello app community
I have a serious problem, by accident I deleted an app that I have been developing for 2 years, what can I do to recover it?

I was making a copy and it gave me server error, I did it several times, then in My Apps 5 copies appeared, I began to erase them and by mistake I deleted the original.
The problem is that the copy spreadsheet is also a copy, so I tried to link it to the original sheet, changing the data source, but it does not work.
I need a solution as urgent as possible
Thank you!

I would try to email support and see if they can help you recover it.

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We can restore your application if you provide:

  1. Your account id
  2. The name of the application.

Account ID: 404964
Vendedor TalkNet

It is the only app that was in the account until yesterday that I made the copies.
It would be great to be able to return everything as it was yesterday before making the copies. Thank you

Look now.

No, the ideal would be to return to yesterday around 3pm.
At that point the only app was “Vendedor TalkNet Entregas”

The link to install was:

Is it possible to go back to that point?

You can go back to an earlier version as described here

I do not mean the history of the app, but the history of the account, since the app that I deleted, still does not appear in My Apps, still appear copies, but not the original that I accidentally deleted.
If you click on the link of the app, you will see that it does not say that it is not authorized, but that it does not exist.

I think I found it.

In our database the app is called “StockOrig-335257-404964”. Earlier, I restored the other two deleted apps in your account, because their names looked more like the name you provided. I left “StockOrig-335257-404964” in a deleted state because it did not seem to match the name you provided. At this point, all of the apps in your account have been revived. You may want to delete the ones you no longer need.