How to delete a system generated action? How to disable image from being clickable?

  1. How to delete a system generated action from my app? I already had it set to “Do Not Display”
  2. How to disable my image from being clickable? I already have the link icon displayed and working fine and it launches externally, on the other hand, the image is also clickable, but it stays within the app view, which I do not want. How can I stop the image from being clickable?

You cannot. To prevent its display and use entirely, set its Only if this condition is true expression to FALSE.

I just did it, but nothing changed. The behavior is still the same. The image and the label are still clickable and launches within the app view.

If you mean when you click on the image it kind of “zooms” in on the image, I don’t think you can disable that.

Even setting it to false, YOU as the app creator are always able to see those system generated actions. Anyone else accessing the app will not see them.