How to format cell value view

hi, is there a way to format the view of a value without change the cell value.

For example : in a row of my column [phone] i have this phone value : 0601010101
I would like that the user can see the number like that on view detail : 06 01 01 01 01
but I need to have only 10 numerics caracteres in this cell.

Hi @Flo

You may want to check this:

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thanks but my purpose is to find a way to show the value of a cell in a different way that the value is stored.
An other example : I have a date time value 17/08/2021 16:50 and I want to show only the date in the row detail but i need to keep the date time format in the column.


OK. Then, you can use a virtual column with this:

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In short, no.

It’s not the best idea but you can create a virtual column and use CONCATÉNATE() and MID () To assemble right version. For original column with phone number you can use Valid if: LEN([_ThisRow].[phone number])=10

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