How to include chart in a PDF template

Hi there, would like to develop a report with the chart.

I does a search in the forum, and found SNAPSHOT().

I success to snapshot a view and printed on the report, but the attached chart is with view name and the button at the bottom.

Are there anywhere just to print just a chart in a PDF template?

AppSheet doesn’t yet have a way to generate charts in templates. As you have discovered, SnapShotting a chart view may not be ideal.

I haven’t used it yet, but some in the community have been using the QuickCharts service. I am fairly certain that there is a way to insert such a chart into a PDF template. You may need to experiment with it.

Here is a link to a post discussing this service:

Using QuickChart in your apps


Dear John, thanks for the sharing.

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Hi there, I success to implement the quick chart in my app, and it is successful to get the chart.

But I am facing another issue now, I insert the column (image) that stores the chart in the email body template and attachment template., but it doesn’t display as the chart image, instead, it list out the URL.

What should I do so that it displays the chart image?

Hi there, finally I success to implement the QuickChart, attach as the video for how to insert chart in the AppSheet Report: