How to Join two tables in one view

How to Join two tables in one view

Unfortunately you can’t join tables in one view


How to compose email in appsheet when i select the multiple table rows?

You can merge 2 table in google sheet, and then display the merged table in AppSheet
Follow this link to know how to merge 2 table:

My workaround with this has been with virtual columns.

So in my example I have a master table and a child table and I want to show the information from both in one view. On the Child table I created virtual fields that reference the columns from the master table.

Then I create a slice for the child table that only includes child records and use that for the places that I don’t want to use the merged info. Then I create another slice that includes both the child records plus the new virtual columns to the master table. Then create your view based on the merged slice and voila you have a “merged” table.