How to maintain whitespace?

I’m using enum-list with statements in Detail View using quick edit to show if a certain checklist has been completed. I try to space out the buttons using whitespace to make the enum button list look better, but it AppSheet does not update the column with the starting whitespace, and it ignores the trim when reading the column. This means the highlighted checklists with whitespace will disappear after a couple seconds. Is there a way to work around this simply? Or is there a way to format buttons in an enum button type? This is my current solution.whitespaceissue

I’m afraid you don’t have control for that other than trial & error.

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Hi @Seung_Park Please consider using another kind of whitespace. Cou can find them here:

I’m using the “figure space”.

Please also see my Post here:


Appsheet doesnt automatically trim whitespace from text input fields. I believe it used to do so?
In the screenshot, fields “Phone” and “Neighbourhood” have spaces, so they are displayed in the record.

I saw the same change in LongText.

The Line Break at the end of LongText was ignored by AppSheet. This is no more the case.

You can use this website to copy/paste special white space characters easily.

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Are we calling it a Bug?
Will AppSheet accept that the default behaviour (documented) has changed?
Will they fix it or indicate some kind of workaround?

Legitimate questions, I’d say. Please reach out to for answers.

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