How to use return values in Processes

So I set a return value as follow

Then in next “Test Process”, I call the “Test set variable”

Then I check the return value set in “Test set variable”

There’s no error in the expression assistant window

But after saving the app, I get the following error

Any idea?

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I wish I could help you but I too am in the dark as to how variables are pass back and forth. Given the “Test set variable” process and the “Test set variable” step have the same name, have you tried giving them different names? I have no idea if AppSheet is trying to call [Test] from the step or the process.

Not to hijack your thread but to answer a question with another question, do you have any knowledge as to how AppSheet would read in the ID valuable you are passing into the “Test set variable” process from the process side? Would that be [Test set variable].[ID] given you named the step the same as the process?

I hope I am of help and not just adding to the confusion.

I rename the step “Test set variable” to “Use the variable”. I still got the same issue.

For your another point, only work if I call [Use the variable].[Test]. If I change the call to [Test set variable].[Test], I got expression error.

You simply read it as the current row’s [ID]. At that point, the context in which the process run will be referenced to ID set in “Use the variable” step.

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Hi @Steve , can you please help us with this? Thanks

I have no experience with Automation, so I really have very little to offer here. Perhaps @prithpal has some insight?

OK. Thanks

Hi Steven,

The errors seem to suggest something is not right about the Event configuration.
Have you defined any Events?


@Steven_Aung I think I am able to reproduce now.
It has something to do with the “[Use this variable].[TEST]” expression being used in a “Wait for a condition” step.
If you use a “Branch on a condition” step instead, it should work.

For the “Wait for a condition” step, the condition is meant for the input entity (for example, the columns in your “items” table).
In the example that you showed above, you should use a “Branch on a condition” step.



Yes, so far I have only been able to pass a step process returned value to step conditional branch. Does not currently work from process to process or any other step that I am aware of.

Can this feature be added? Would really open up doors for capability with Appsheet.

Hi Liam,

You can also pass a call-process-step returned value to another call-process-step.

But yes, we are aware of and will be working on the feature request to support step references for more step types other than “branch on a condition” and “call a process”.

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Hi @Zhifeng_Lin ,

Thanks for the reply. I tested it in “Branch on a condition” and it worked. As a workaround, I can replace the return step with an action that will assign the value to a temporary column, and then use the column value in “wait for a condition” check.

It will be nice if you can list available return variables from previous steps in “Expression Assistant” when they can be used. That way, users can clear see when and where they can access those return values. Thanks.