I have a Purchase table, purchase detail tabl...

(Daniel Armstrong) #1

I have a Purchase table, purchase detail table(products), and I am creating a products list by filtering the purchase detail table(slice), the problem is that there are a lot of virtual column that are being calculated that are not necessary, if I use an "if constant for each virtual column, would that speed up the


I know it would be better to create a separate products table but because of automation I am hoping to use the purchase order details.

Is there a different way I should do this?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

The virtual columns are computed on our backend server during sync. Is that what you’re looking to speed up?

(Daniel Armstrong) #3

@praveen Yes, I noticed that it is taking longer to sync when I make changes. I am worried because there isn’t hardly any data in the app yet.