I have a table called Contacts, for which I a...

(Terri Francis) #1

I have a table called Contacts, for which I allow updates and adds. For Contacts I have a Detail View so that users can see the content and a Form View (system generated because of the allowance of updates and adds) so that users can, obviously, update or add data. I am able to select which fields to display in the Detail View, but would like to also select which fields to offer on the Form View, and these are not the same. I want to display only the editable fields (columns), not the same ones I show in Detail View.

For example, in the form I want a field for First Name and a field for Last Name, but on the Detail View I want to display the concatenated names in a field called Full Name. (these three fields exist as columns in my Google Sheet.)

I’ve tried creating a slice to apply to my Contacts table, but if I choose only those fields I want on the Form View, the others are not available in Detail View and vice versa.

How can I select which fields to display in a system-generated Form View?

(Mary Jane Pender) #2

Hi Terri, I may be wrong here , but I believe that what ever columns your form needs must be available to the form.

If you want a separate slightly restricted view for the Detail View, perhaps create a separate app called Detail and create a Detailed view of the same google sheet and create a slice that suits the detailed view.

You may even Hide the first name and last name columns.

Let me know how this goes,


(Stephen Mattison) #3

I need this to. I have an action from my products detailed view to add item to Order, but then in the Form view I don’t want to see all 20 columns for the product I was just looking at.

I need to able to control/ reduce the columns in the Form so User sees only things like [Price]

[pcs/Case], [Cases Ordered] [Line Total].

This would greatly simplify and speed up Order process. I can not manage another entire App to do this, must be a better way. TYTY!

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We should check with Aleksi and see if he has any ideas.

I frequently segregate tasks with apps that point at the same database – particularly if one the tasks if for someone who is View only.

I can hide columns etc. so they only see what I want them to see.

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(Steven Coile) #6

Here’s how I do it:

In my table, I create a new virtual column with an App formula of ="", which will result in a Text column with no column value.

Change the new virtual column’s type from Text to Show (with category automatically set to Page_Header). This creates a new page in my form.

Set the Show_If field for the new virtual column to =false. This hides the new page, so it’s not visible in the form.

Create a slice for the table, including all columns of the table.

Reorder the columns in the slice so that the columns I want to appear occur above the new virtual column added above, and the columns I don’t want to appear in the form occur after.

Reconfigure all of my formulas and views to use the slice instead of the table. If I don’t, I run the risk the user may end up looking at the table instead if the slice.

SAVE my changes.

The idea is to create a hidden form page (a Show-type column with a Category of Page_Header) that contains all of the columns I want to use but don’t want the user to see. Any column on that page will be hidden from view with the page itself, but still available for use in expressions and displayable in other views (e.g. detail and table views).