I have an action that when I hit it I would l...

(Ryan Callister) #1

I have an action that when I hit it I would like it to edit the Detail view but only edit a certain column in the view? I figured I would use the condition: [_THISROW_BEFORE].[PerID] <> [_THISROW_AFTER].[PerID] but what Effect would I use enter that condition in?

(Fernando López) #2

I suggest this: 1.

Create a slice of the table only with the key column and the column you want to modify. 2. Create a form view associate to this slice 3. Create your Action Button with the effect of Open a view of this app and write a deeplink (LINKTOROW) to the recently created form view

(Ryan Callister) #3

@Fernando_Lopez Currently the slice is showing me the form to create a new item, when I would like it to edit the column

(Fernando López) #4

Check the description of LINKTOROW it redirects you to EDITING an existing row by especifying the ID of the row

(Ryan Callister) #5

@Fernando_Lopez Sorry I’m sort of new to this, where do I find that? and also when I insert data into the slice it won’t let me save because it says “Key field ‘Key’ cannot be blank” while I want the key to be a Uniqueid() and that is how I have it in the columns tab