If you have a google sheet with too many columns and you want to select which columns get imported into appsheet

Hi all,
This is Reply to my own question…

I had an excel sheet with a Gantt chart. I wanted to have that information without the Gantt area which is just a lot of columns for each day and will be meaningless in appsheet. This is easily done in excel by defining the table range. Maybe this is a tip or trick in itself. That’s why I post.

However, I prefer google sheet because I have issues like different files being created and other issues that I can remember.

Step 1: Set table range in excel.
Step 2: Upload the excel sheet into google drive instead of dropbox
Step 3: Add excel table into appsheet from google drive

I need a few days to observe if I still have excel issues . if I don’t have issues, maybe its dropbox issues and not google drive issues…and I will be quite happy.

-j- erry

P.s if you are starting with a google sheet, maybe export into excel first and set table range.

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Hi @Jerry_Lan that sounds interesting. My problem is that I don’t understand what you mean :joy: Maybe some screenshots?

Hi Fabian,

I just join this project and got this excel file. Here is a screenshot to better explain. I want to get column R to X into appsheet and I dont want column Y onwards to get into appsheet. If Y onwards is imported into appsheet, it will make the app slow as well. To get only column R to X only into appsheet, you just define column R to X as table in excel. Appsheet will then ignore column Y onwards. Hope this clears up…