Im struggling with something that I think out...

(Jared Carlson) #1

Im struggling with something that I think out to be fairly simple. I have 2 different sheets in one excel document. Both sheets are included in my app and receive user entered data. One the first sheet, a user will fill out their information such as phone number, address. On the second sheet I want the address to be copied over. I have used the Ref column identifier, however, it asks the user to select their entry (as my sheet has many user data entries this is cumbersome as they are presented with a giant list). How can I simply have app sheet copy a specific previously entered data point over from a different sheet without the user having to select anything? My apologies as I am sure this has already been dealt with as a question, but I have already searched the foums and cant find anyone talking about a situation similar enough to mine.

Thanks in advance for the help!

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Do your users need to signin?