Images in UX - Error 404

Today my app started to not show all the images in the UX. A warning triangle with error 404 fills the space where the image belongs. It isn’t happening to all the images or even all the time. Sometimes the image comes in and then on an update it goes away. Error 404 is:

  • Error 404 (cannot access the spreadsheet) – this occurs when AppSheet tries to access your spreadsheet but the storage provider responds that no such document exists. Perhaps you have deleted, renamed, or moved the document? Perhaps you never had access to it?

AppSheet is accessing the spreadsheet because other images in the same table are showing just fine. I did not delete the image or rename it.

Is anyone else having this issue? Anything I should do?

I have seen other post on this error, but haven’t found a good solution.

Please contact for help with this.

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Same problem here. Some images displays without problem. others give us 404 error code. Please Help!!!

Please contact for help with this.

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I have a problem, it is the following:

I have several days saving images through the app in google sheet, but when viewing the images some are visible, others are not.

We use a formula to convert the images into Link and thus be able to view it, it happens that the formula cannot access the image that is in the appsheet, but if it is in the drive and this is causing us serious problems, they have some way to upload the images from google drive, from the folder where they are saved to appsheet?

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Jodenmy acevedo

Hi all, please see Ongoing issue loading files from Google Drive

We’ll keep updating that post as we get information.