Images not showing in deck view? BUG?

Hey Guys,

I have an interesting problem.

My images are not displaying in my deck views but are displaying in my detail views. Same image and link Column. Im pretty sure it was working earlier today.

Maybe im doing something really dumb but cant figure it out?


Detail view:

What am I missing?

This is a very strange problem, whenever I take a custom image from my camera it shows in both views, but when I select a preset image, (“See my previous post”) Problems with image formulas

It will only show in my detail view.

Hi Jonathan, any chance you have some kind of formula in the “Show?” field… like CONTEXT()?

In the show of the image field?

I have [Type] = “Custom” in my image show field, which is only for when the user fills out the form.

The problem only arises when you select a pre-determined image, if you take your own its no problem? Something with how the deck view is interpreting the link? Detail view works fine.

@morgan Any thoughts?

Guys this is solved.
Simple fix, again thanks @Aleksi for figuring this out :).

show if

Still not understanding how this would make the camera images appear and not the preset ones as they both where assosiated with the same column but its working :slight_smile: