Infuriating Pointlessness of the Summary Column on Deck View


The fact that the summary column is so restricted on size that it can’t properly display a simple time or full date is just infuriating and makes absolutely 0 since that the place that should be IDEAL for things like this is so mind bogglingly bizarre.
PLEASE at the absolute very least make this field allow you to display a date/time in most font style/size combinations. This is on Rubik and 20 font which looks slightly SMALL on an iPhone XR and I cant even fully see a H:MMAM/PM, I don’t even have a space inbetween the AM/PM and the minute.
Anyone reading this please feel free to just comment what font size you use in your apps and whether or not you can see a date/time in the summary columns of DESK views.

I think this has been requested before. It would be so much more useful if we could have a few more digits.

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The following feature requests on the summary column width of the deck view seems to be in place for some time now. My request suggestion will be to upvote any one of the three similar requests, may be the request by @WillowMobileSystems that has garnered the highest votes so far so that there is one common higher upvote count as the requests are essentially identical.


I had already vote for both of those other posted even before this one. Just seems to be something that is highly requested and ignored.

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