Initial value from another table

Table A has many columns. 2 particular columns are “Brand” and “Product name”. When an user adds data to table A, the user needs to select a brand (dropdown list) in column “Brand” and select a product name (dropdown list) in column “Product Name”. If product name is not found in column “Product Name”, the user can click “New” to add. Thus, another form (Table B) pops out. Table B has 2 columns (“Brand” and “Product name”). I want the value of “Brand” in Table A (the value selected by the user) to be the initial value of “Brand” in Table B when Table B pops out. How to write the expression? Thank you very much.

You may wish to post more details of your configuration of those two tables with respect to how those are connected etc. so teh community could offer a more definitive approach.

Till such time, have you considered using LINKTOFORM() function?


Hello @AppSheet_Lectra, i had the same question not so long ago, and i haven’t been able to dereference values from a form into another, as far as i know this is not possible at the moment.

So i did what @Suvrutt_Gurjar suggested:

Instead of letting the user add a new product from inside the form, i added an action button that lets them get straight to the new product form with some of the fields already locked in.


Currently, I changed the type of “Product Name” in Table A to “Ref” so that user can select product name from a dropdown list. If product name is not found, user can click “New” to add new product name.
I will take a look how to use LINKTOFORM. Thank you.