Is Appsheet acting crazy for anyone today?

is Appsheet acting crazy for anyone today?

Maybe related to SVGs?

Two actions that were navigating to a form now go to a blank screen… They were working OK before…
Also had a strange issue with my data. woke up to find that it had reverted back two days with no trace of entries made yesterday. Still scratching my head and nervously checking it every few hours…

Experiencing similar behaviour here, my users are clicking on a grouped table row but the app is returning a blank page.

Fixed by not showing the columns with SVG.
Thanks @Jonathon

Sentra, please feel free to contact if you want us to help you investigate this.
Remember we do not move your data. It remains stored wherever your data source it. Have you checked if the data didn’t disappear in the data source possibly due to some might batched process applied to your store (one of many possible reasons)?

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Fixed by amending LINKTO expressions