Is appsheet down again?

Not one of the apps, can run on mobile device.
is something going on in the appsheet that we do not know.
what ever app we try to run it does not work on android device.

What is the error message? Any printscreen?

In every one of the apps the same

What Database are you using? gDrive?


Please try to clear your mobile device’s default Browser’s cache and then open the app again.

done, and still the same message, apps are not working

What is the account ID and app name?

With the browser apps are working just fine?

Account ID: 766318

yes on a browser they are loading but on mobile devices are not.

Any of the apps on that acount are not working on moble.

Have you tested both with iPhone and Android?

no just on androin we do not use iPhone, only android.

I called the client that is using the app and it wont start on any of their phones as well, they are using the app on 10 phones, and on all of them same massage all android based.

I tested two deployed apps from your account with Android (Samsung S8+) and they both work just fine.

Are you using Appsheet app or directly with a Mobile browser?

the pic that was sent was from the android s8 plus and on our end it deosent work.
we are using appsheet app.
try app called VEGA

can we send you the video some how?

Please send that video directly to

Yes Vega Master works fine

What Appsheet app version are you using?