Is it possible to sort a table by the date an...

Is it possible to sort a table by the date and time column whenever appsheet makes a change to my sheet?

@Nick_Parsons1 it’s possible of course. Go to UX pane in the editor, locate your Table UX, expand its details and add your DateTime column to Sort by property and choose the order.

@Levent_KULACOGLU Hi, will this sort the data in the gsheet table also or the app only?

I have just tried and it sorts by data in the UX but not in gsheet.

My gsheet needs to be sorted in date order when a new record is added or changed? would this be more a gsheet issue or appsheet?

@Nick_Parsons1 it will only sort the data in the app, not in the gSheet. But I still haven’t understood why you need to mess up with the gSheet as you already have an app that’s quite powerful of doing anything for you. Of course we can add a couple of lines to your script that can sort your gSheet also, but I believe there is no need to do that.

@Levent_KULACOGLU Hi Levent, the reason for the gsheet changes are because of this, I think…

We are in a factory environment and capturing data will be all done using an app built in appsheet as you seen.

In this case it was for raising issues.

Although some users will have access to the apps not all will. We will use the sheet to see the records together as opposed to viewing within the app itself.

We are using the app mainly as a capture tool, however as im seeing the power of it we can use it for much more.

Ideally, I think, I need to sort the column by date order but also, when I use the action button to close the record I would like to add a second date / time stamp to a column to record the date and time it was closed.

Likewise with the reopen option.

This is how I see it as a new user to this.

I maybe wrong but also thinking of how we can display everything using the dashboard.

Once we have the system it will be displayed on a large TV in the factory.

@Nick_Parsons1 it could be a good idea if we make a web-meeting to discuss your ideas and concerns. I believe we can influence you quite good on this. Provided you will not be the only user dealing or messing up with the backend gSheet, than it’s not a good idea to share your backend with other user or non-app users as it quite possible that they can unintentionally mess all your data.

@Levent_KULACOGLU Hi Levent, that would be fantastic…

No, the backend (both app and gsheet) will be viewable only to anyone other than myself or dedicated admin users should I choose any.

Ideally all editing of audits and records will be done in the app.

However, I do have to think about the number of users also as there is a cost obviously to using app sheet per user.

We have certain people with company phones who will use the apps, we could also have a communal tablet maybe (im not sure)…

Your influence and help would be greatly appreciated, im sure we would get so much more from the system.

@Levent_KULACOGLU When would be good for you?

@Nick_Parsons1 I will check our schedule with my partners @Aleksi_Alkio and @Bellave_Jayaram first and let you know via email. Is that OK for you?

Yes of course…

I have this same issue, where the sort order in the Google Sheet is critical.
Can you please tell me if this was resolved, and if so how?

If it is for View only, you can easily create another tab in your spreadsheet using a Query formula and control order with that. Another side benefit is that sheet can be “published” so that it can be viewed in a browser on any device.


@Mike that is a most elegant solution! And the publishing of the new sheet a real bonus that I will use! Thank you.

Glad it gave you some additional ideas. Lots of things can be done by pairing Appsheet and google sheets.