Is it possible to use QR code for the followi...

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Is it possible to use QR code for the following?:

I want to create a machine inspection app. The idea is to scan the machine QR code which will then take the inspector to a specific set of questions. Each set of questions are kept in different tables in the spreadsheet. IE the QR code has to bring up the specific Table of question related to the machine

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #2

@Pieter_Botha yes it’s possible

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Well it’s a bit long but basically you will just set a simple form UX with one column only and set auto-save to ON and automatic form enhancement to ON. Then you will set an action button with a SWITCH and LINKTOVIEW expressions. You will set this action button to Do Not Display. Then set this action as a Form Saved action of your Form UX that you have set in 1st step. Job done.