Julian Date

Hey Everyone,

Im wondering how I would Display the Julian date for each day in the Calendar, And also How to change the Currant day cooler to be more eye catching.

Hi @Jonathan_S,

Not sure, if you are looking at a complete Julian date calendar, then following approach will not help you. However if you are looking at simply converting Gregorian dates to Julian dates, please explore if following helps.

Also please note that the expressions mentioned below convert date from Gregorian date to Julian date by a simple formula such that Julian date is the combination of two digit year (e.g20 for 2020 an 19 for 2019) followed by the serial number of the day in the year so (January 15th is 15th day of the year and January 31 is 31st day of the year). I tested the expressions for a bunch of dates in 2019, 2020, 2023 and 2024 and it works, but please do test more if you will use it. Also it may not work for all historical dates comparison between Gregorian and Julian dates. Finally, there may be a better, more efficient expression possible.

For today’s Julian date, say column name [Julian Today], please use an expression something like
NUMBER(TEXT(TODAY(),“YY”)&(IF(LEN(TEXT(HOUR(TODAY()- DATE(TEXT(“01/01/”&YEAR(TODAY()))))/24+1))=2, TEXT(0&(HOUR(TODAY()- DATE(TEXT(“01/01/”&YEAR(TODAY()))))/24+1)),TEXT(HOUR(TODAY()- DATE(TEXT(“01/01/”&YEAR(TODAY()))))/24+1))))

For converting any Gregorian date to Julian date, say column name [G to J], please use an expression something like below . Here [Gregorian Date] is any date type column in the app.

NUMBER(TEXT([Gregorian Date],“YY”)&(IF(LEN(TEXT(HOUR([Gregorian Date]- DATE(TEXT(“01/01/”&YEAR([Gregorian Date]))))/24+1))=2, TEXT(0&(HOUR([Gregorian Date]- DATE(TEXT(“01/01/”&YEAR([Gregorian Date]))))/24+1)),TEXT(HOUR([Gregorian Date]- DATE(TEXT(“01/01/”&YEAR([Gregorian Date]))))/24+1))))

For highlighting today’s Julian date, you may use a format rule such as
[Julian Today]=[G to J]

A sample test app results shown below

Thank you very much for the in depth reply.

What Im really looking for is in the calendar view of the calendar. Underneath lets say January 20th, for it to have the number 20, the 30th the number 30, etc for the entire year for all years. Whatever year you go to. This would be in each cell in the month view, the top beside the actual date in the day view, etc.

Thank you @Jonathan_S for your update. I understood that you wish to have a comprehensive Julian calendar. I am afraid, I am unaware how a Julian calendar can be inserted in an app.

Someone else in the community may have an idea to achieve it.