Just seen the lengthy process my first readers go through to see my app - never ending

I’ve just seen what a first reader - crucial in early stage development - goes through to see my app.

No wonder it is not reaching people! It goes on and on and on and on.

Can they not install app sheet and then see it please?

After login, password, verification, click, click, add code, install appsheet, verify, then it asks to add to home screen and then it’s dead end. End of. No more signposts. Stopped right there.

Please manage users expectations so they can at least look at my app.

I can’t progress with these kinds of barriers to entry.

Best regards


May I ask how you invite your users to install your app? And can you elaborate what do you explicitly mean with “…add code…”?


Hi Levent,

Thank you for your reply.

I’ve watched an android user and iOS user both look at my app.

I have 10 emails in “share the app” allowed before deployment in 30 days.

I set it to use “any” verification.

the ioS user managed to see the app, by validating themselves on Apple.

They click on the invite in the email I sent them and then they are asked if they want to download app or open in browser.

They selected open in browser.

Next, they’re asked to sign in (list for any they want to use) and this user selected Google.

Instead of Google allowing, they’re jumping through all the hoops.

(my note here was that the email invite, restricted in the editor. when I use Google to sign in on a Google OS, It shows my account and asks if I will allow appsheet to use my Google account. Just 2 clicks. But no.

Asked: email, then password then they have 2 step verification so they are asked to text a code for Google 2 step verification.

They navigate to text, memorise code, then there is no trail or signpost back. (could be the user doesn’t use “recent apps” .

So goes BACK through email invite and adds code.

THEN they are asked to download appsheet. It downloads.

Then they’re asked questions they really don’t need or know answer to.

ie Do you want to add appsheet to homescreen?

Selected yes.

Then, do you want to open (my app) in Appsheet or add to homescreen. they don’t know, they just want to look at it.

Dead end. no forward road map. No signposts.

After all that jumping through hoops, they get asked to add my app to homescreen and it just sits there. No more can do.

It’s too much!

Should be a roadmap at start.

  1. invite by email (verifies them by email) click through.
  2. open in appsheet or browser.
  3. install appsheet.
  4. access app.

User experience at outset is bitingly important.

I won’t be able to deploy my app as planning to do this week for. §50 a month if my users (people recovering from COVID-19) is put this endless PROCESS!

Please use as feedback. roadmap. 4 clicks!

Best regards


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From the invitation email, if you choose to open the app with the browser, it does not install the AppSheet app to your device, instead it opens the app in the mobile browser.
If you choose to install the app, the AppSheet app is installed in the user device and then AppSheet app is launced with app in display. Adding a shortcut to Home page is an interim question and does not prevent the app to be installed or to be launched.

I haven’t understood this 2-step verification process because it totally relies on provided the user has set this security setting with his/her own Google account. Provided they have not, it should not ask it anyhow. Are you sure about it?

And lastly, may I ask how do you invite or white-list that 10 users to use your app? Can you describe?


Thank you for your answers. I just wish I knew this at outset. I find Appsheet’s communication very after-the-event and doesn’t manage expectations.

there are no warnings or signposts. What you say makes complete sense but the user does not need these choices. They just want to see app and I just want their feedback. Now it has resulted in a great big barrier so I cannot get in at all now.

This has totally stopped me. I had no warning and one of these 4 users is me on the same email I have attached to my account. I am not ready to upgrade yet and was planning to deploy my app at end of week.

This has cut in on me working flat out for my app marketing strategy presentation on Friday (pushed back from today as wasn’t ready) and demanded a whole heap of attention from me when I’ve not done last minute tweaks before launching app.

Sorry, ranting here. this has thrown me completely.

To answer your question, in the editor there is a link above INFO that says share this app. In there it says you can invite 10 people by email and you whitelist those email addresses.

It asks how people should verify themselves and I put ‘any’.

It DOES NOT SIGNPOSt you to suggest users simply open in browser not install appsheet.

Again. No roadmap. Unclear communication. No signposts and no expectation management.

This has been a massive barrier to me from the start. Pushing me away to a competitor.

I believe we can all understand the issue from a single post and there is no need to flood the community with multiple posts with the exact same content but with different header. I have already replied you several times from all of 'em.

I am really disorientated now and your answers haven’t helped me. I asked 3 separate questions and I posted one months ago.

I wrote 1. Today, which was about this

  1. I wrote yesterday about the process 10 users go through to see my app
  2. was about this unexpected and unintelligible thing today.

Which has just landed on me at an extremely bad time and I should be working on my presentation

You clearly don’t understand dyspraxia but I am not getting the warnings I need so I can do things when I plan to not when I do something and unexpected things pop up at a bad time.

I find it much easier to have a short 2 way phone conversation than trying to find answers through emails coming to and fro.

You cannot discriminate against me when I have clearly disclosed that I have dyspraxia and do not understand what has gone on and don’t have any time right now to deal with this.

White-list your user’s account emails thru USERS pane
Do not DEPLOY the app


Thank you. I will have to focus on that later as desperate need to refocus on my presentation now. Not sure I can see this process. Could you upload a screengrab. It is not letting me into the editor so I cannot actually compute this process at all. Am just panicking as a real spanner in my works this week.

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Perhaps you should contact support@appsheet.com for assistance.

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I can’t get past this

Can you screengrab me from here to properties in the editor as I cannot find way in, to switch off personal use please? this Plan Upgrade Needed is blocking my way

I will. When I started using Appsheet, please understand, it was the middle of a global lockdown and I was directed to ask on the community. 2 of those questions were from when I started in April or May.