KML Map Layer

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March Office Hours Webinar
Host KML files on Google Drive
(Santiago) #2

This is a great feature. I think there is a limitation to the file size you can import as KML, right @Peter?

(Peter Dykstra (AppSheet)) #3

Yes @Santiago there are some constraints on the size of KML files that can be displayed (you can read more here):

  • Maximum fetched file size (raw or compressed): 3MB
  • Maximum uncompressed KML file size: 10MB
  • Maximum number of network links: 10
  • Maximum number of total document-wide features: 1000
  • Maximum number of KML layers: 10 to 20

These constraints are established by Google Maps (we use the Google Maps library to display maps in AppSheet) and we do not have the ability to modify them. An example of a KML file that fits these constraints is:

(Yakob Tahan) #4

Hi there,
I´ve tried to use a KML file which I created myself on google mymaps to import to appsheet.

I´ve done what the appsheet blog was displaying.

No results


Hi - it may be that the size of the file exceeds what Google allows. Check the AS docs for details and to confirm this, but I believe there is a 8 mb limit.

(Peter Dykstra (AppSheet)) #6

@Jonyxjake If you’re hosting in Google Drive, you may have a hard time linking directly to the file, instead of Google Drive’s file preview page. Wherever you’re hosting the file, make sure your URL ends with the extension ‘.kml’

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(Yakob Tahan) #7

yep, u were right. I uploaded it my own website and used a kml networklink generator. It worked out for me! Thanks for the hint

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