Launch image never syncs


The launch image is very buggy. Right now I’m getting the stock default image when I open the app on my ios device. When I hit refresh I get an old background image (I recently added a new one).
I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app but it never works.
I don’t have an offline caching enabled.

Any ideas?


Hi, I just verified that changing the launch image works for me on my iOS device and is set when pressing the sync button a second time. (the updated image is downloaded with the first sync). Can you check if the following is true for you?

  • Launch images need to be at least 600x600 pixels
  • Please make sure you click the save button (top right corner) in the editor after selecting a new image.
  • The image is updated on the client only after the first sync and should be set for subsequent sync.
  • Does an alternative image from the set of default images work?
  • Do you see the latest launch image set in the editor’s device preview (simulator)?

Please answer with the above if you are still experiencing issues…this will help us debug the issue better. Thanks!


Hi the issue seems to be related to the initial splash. So if I kill the app on my iOS device and then open it again, I am greeted with the basic default appsheet background. Once I’m in the app, if I sync within the app I then see the correct background. So the issue is related to loading the app after being “killed”.

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