LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW() - Display filter value in View heading

I’m using a Gallery view and Action to allow the user to select a subset of rows. Basically I have 6 categories of items in the gallery. User selects the row (or category) and is taken to a Deck view of all the items in this category. Works great so far!

How do I get the name of the Category to appear in the heading instead of the generic View name?

Could you please share a screenshot of what option it is exactly that you’re trying to change to the “name of the Category”?

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The first View is a Deck view with a list of Categories:

When the user selects a Category the Action (LinkToFilteredView) takes them to the filtered list of items in this Category:

I would like for the name of the Category selected to appear at the top of the screen where the View Title appears.

I see. Thanks for sharing the screenshots. It appears that the header will default to whatever your current “View name” is. If you have a discrete view name, it exposes a “Display name” option under “Display” settings. My suggestion is that where you are currently showing the view “VIPAwards Prizes”, you use a formula in the “Display name” option that yields the current categories name if that makes sense.

Makes sense. I just need help with the formula to put into “Display Name”. I don’t think you can reference a column value so not sure how to make it dynamic.

Based on this post…

Doesn’t look like it is possible.

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Ah, I see. was unaware that it won’t evaluate on the table. Sorry.