LINKTOROW freezing dashboard view

Alright here is my situation, I have a dashboard view with a detail view that has an inline table. I setup an action that when I click one of the rows in the table in the detail view I get linked to the same row in a table view in another dashboard view. To do this I use the LINKTOROW({Other dashboard view name}, [_THISROW]) (both dashboards are interactive). This works great and all the views in the other dashboard change to display data related to the row I first clicked in the inline table from the first dashboard view. However the whole dashboards becomes unresponsive, It is not until click on the dashboard view from the menu bar again that the dashboards starts working again. My guess is that the &row={id} part in the URL that gets added by the LINKTOROW expression blocks the dashboard from updating when I click on other rows in that dashboard. I have not been able to find a workaround for this.

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Jan from Gebrema

Can you elaborate what “unresponsive” means. In what way is it “unresponsive”?

I ask because in Interactive Dashboards, normal row click functionality is disabled. This is because the Interactive functions are used instead.

Also, do you have the LINKTOROW() function you described in BOTH Dashboards? If so, you may be running into an endless loop type situation where when you select the row in the First this activates the LINKTOROW() and updates the second but then that action activates the LINKTOROW() in the second to update the first and this goes on back and forth. You can easily test this by de-activating the LINKTOROW() in the second dashboard and then see if control returns as expected.

I can confirm this bug. I ran into it a few weeks ago.

But use of LINKTOROW() with a dashboard is not covered in the documentation and I suspect it’s not officially supported. I think this is a ‘hidden’ feature that’s still being developed.

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