LINKTOVIEW() not working on User Settings

Hi everyone, Im trying to create a link in the User Settings view to another view.

I have set up the column as “App” and copied the LINKTOVIEW() from the destination view.

Everything seems fine, why isn´t it working? What am I missing?


The usersettings view is always a Form view. Links don’t work in Form views.


Thanks @Marc_Dillon, alternatively can I LINKTOVIEW() to the User Settings from an Onboard view?

I just tested that. It appears that yes, you can link to the “Settings” view from anywhere else in the app with:

LINKTOVIEW( “Settings” )


Actually i just made it work setting up the column as “Show”, with Url Content Type, and instead of a URL I just used the LINKTOVIEW() expression.

I added the text I want to Display and that was it.

EDIT: Actually that opens a new browser tab with the view. Users would have to navigate back to the app after.


Ahh! Nice work.