Little help with the "Changing Data from a Workflow Rule or Scheduled Report" example

Hello all,
I’m trying out the following example write up about changing data from a workflow rule, but I think I’m missing something.

I have a table for Projects with columns for Project Name and Employee ID (set to reference the following Employees table).
An Employees table with columns for Employee ID, Name and Status.

I created the “Update Employee Status” Action in step 1
I created the “Get Employees to Update” action in step 2
But I can’t get past the Workflow rule. First I dont see a “Reaction” property so i went with the “Action” property.
Second, I’m supposed to set Data Change Action Name to “Update Employee Status” but the drop down only displays Delete as an option.

Any help would be appreciated

I think I figured it out.
The instructions said

Create an action. Set Action name to “Get Employees to Update”. Set For a record of this table to the Employees table. Set Do this to “Data: execute an action on a set of rows”. Set Referenced table to the Employees table. Set Referenced Action to “Update Employee Status”. Set Referenced Rows to an expression that returns a list of row keys from the Employees table. The row keys will be used by AppSheet to identify the employees to be updated. For example, to select the employee that has been assigned to the current project, use the expression:

But I had to change the For a record of this table from the “Employees” table to the “Projects” table.

Seems to work now

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