Multiple XY/Map Layouts for one table

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Is it possible to somehow have multiple different XY Column & Map Layout combinations for one table? That is one table with a list of cracks for different buildings, and each different building must have its own Map Layout.

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So a table with the drawings/plan image, and then a table for the points of interest… In your car a table of buildings, and a child table of floor plan, then another child table of cracks… In this post, your will find expressions you need, song with the knowledge that this feature in quite complete… Hopefully @nico has a good fix in the works…

XY is loosing the connection to the parent

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Yes, I just got it reviewed yesterday it will be live shortly. I’ll let you know when, I hope it’ll address most of this class of problems.


Hello i have it same problem. i need locate a few fire extinguishers on each floor plan of clients. one map for each client with many items. is possible these? because i try but not work, thanks from argentina

@Latin-Web-Service Here’s an example that might follow a similar structure for what you described.

Each building has many rooms.
Each room has a unique layout, and unique items within it.

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Genius! Thank you very much for the impressive truth, your speed, which is what is required today … thank you very much!

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