Need a way to enter Keyword and a Value

I need a form so that my user’s can add a Keyword and a Value that will be searched for through a resume.
So my users are gonna be creating jobs postings. When an applicant comes in, we will be parsing and searching their resume to grade them. I want my users to be able to create the list of keywords and the value associated with that keyword. Would I be able to accomplish this inside of a single form and a single save? I know that I could just have a form that comes back to itself to add a new row for X job but I would like to avoid that (picky users are fun). I have only a single idea and its a very iffy idea.

A many-to-one relationship? Sure. The list of keywords would be an EnumList.

More like a creating a dictionary in a single field so <Key, Value> they need to be able to enter both of those value for multiple pairs. They’d be able to enter anything for Key and pick something like 1 through 5 for value.

Do you want the multiple <Key, Value> pairs tied together some how? In other words, will you want them referenced or associated as a group?

I want them all in a single field or pair of fields if necessary so that they can be together on one form. I will be parsing them out for my use later not in appsheet. So the columns would look like this:
Job_ID(int, key)
Job_Title(text, label)

Job_Score_List would be the dictionary. Could be 2 enumlist if I need the users to pick 1 then pick 2 then go back to 1 to add the next key value pair.

So it would esentially look like a related table but in a field instead of related table as to make the entering of values smoother.

There isn’t any direct functionality in AppSheet that would accomplish what you wish.

However, some, including myself, have been playing with Parent/Child tables to make Child entry easier.

The main use case is select several items from an EnumList and then have those added as NEW rows to a child table. Then place the table in Quick edit mode to fill in the additional details of all the rows together.

In your case I could see a dropdown to select the number of “dictionary” items to enter, Save and then a second view present a table with that number of rows, already in Quick edit mode, for the user to complete the <Key, Value> pairs.

Save again and you have a Parent with a list of child “dictionary” entries without the need of entering each line by line.