New AppSheet Community Site Key Features and FAQs

Hi AppSheet Community!

As outlined in recent announcements, your Community will have a new home later this month. My name is Lauren, and as part of the Google Cloud Community team with @Andrew_Biernat and @wturney, I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to help support you as we make this transition.

To help ensure a seamless experience, we’ll be sharing important information and “sneak peeks” into your new home before the move. In this post, we’ll focus on key features and how to quickly find what you’re looking for, as well as list common questions and answers. Let’s get started.

AppSheet Q&A
AppSheet Q&A is an open discussion forum, similar to how you use the Questions page today, where you can ask or answer any questions about creating an app or using the AppSheet platform.

All members of the Community can participate in these discussions, and you’ll have the ability to “like” posts and comments, as well as accept a response to your post as a solution, as shown in the example in the screenshot image below.

When you’re drafting a new post, existing content recommendations are shown to help prevent duplicate posts. You can also use advanced search filters to find posts by a range of modifiers, including labels (previously “tags”), keywords, content type, author, date, or if they have an accepted solution or not. More on how this works can be seen in this blog here.

Feature Ideas
Similar to the Feature Requests page, this is where all members of the Community can provide feature requests and ideas to help make AppSheet even better.

What’s new is that we’ll be rolling out a revamped, formalized process for how feature requests are curated, reviewed, implemented, and communicated with you. Existing feature requests that have been shared on this site will be carried over to the new platform and each idea will have a status indicating where they stand in the process.

Each user can add only one vote (“like”) per idea, but now, there is no limit to the number of ideas a user can vote for.

Tips & Resources

Tips & Resources is where you can find tips and tricks, top resources, and educational content to help you create successful apps with AppSheet. This section has two primary areas:

  • Tips & Tricks: this is an open discussion forum for all Community members where you can find and share knowledge about building apps with AppSheet. This forum is similar to how you use the Tips & Tricks today, in which all existing content will be migrated over to the new platform. Share “likes” to show your appreciation for tips members share.

  • Education: this page contains a library of expert-curated, educational resources on using AppSheet. Managed by the AppSheet team, the content you’ll find here includes learning resources, tutorial videos, and case studies at any stage of your app creator journey, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve already built a number of apps.

Release Notes & Announcements

In this section of the Community, you can access AppSheet Feature Release Notes and see the latest announcements, including platform updates and Community news.

To stay up-to-date, you can subscribe to receive notifications and/or email updates. You can receive notifications by subscribing to all release notes and announcements, or you can narrow it down by subscribing to only specific product areas using labels. More on managing notifications and subscriptions can be seen here.

This is a new area dedicated to all AppSheet events, including a revamped series of Office Hours with AppSheet experts beginning in February 2022, as well as meetups to showcase app creators and their apps. Subscribe to the Events space to know what’s coming up next and to see sessions available on-demand.

Community Resources
The last area we want to highlight is Community Resources. Here, you can access helpful articles on topics like managing your account, contributing to the Community, or updating notifications.

There’s also a dedicated forum where you can ask questions and provide feedback about your experience in the AppSheet Community. We deeply value what you have to say and appreciate any thoughts you may have so we can continue to improve your experience and help you achieve your goals with AppSheet.

Have a question? Check out the FAQs in the comment posted below.


In the post above, we covered key features and how it’s organized. Here, we’ll outline frequently asked questions about the new site and provide answers to help make the transition as seamless as possible.

If you have a question that isn’t addressed below, feel free to reply to this message and we’d be happy to help provide an answer.


When will the new Community site be live?
The new Community site will be live on January 25th, 2022.

Please note that there will be a brief migration period the evening of January 24th when the legacy site will be unavailable. Beginning on January 25th, when you go to the legacy site link (, you will be automatically redirected to the new site.

How do I sign into the new site?
Login to the new Community site using the same email address associated with your existing AppSheet community account credentials.

If you already have a Google Cloud Community account, but the email associated with that account is different from your AppSheet account, then you will need to contact the Community team at for assistance.

What about my current profile and badges?
User profiles will be migrated with the exception of badges. The new Community has its own badges rewarding members for their contributions and these will be applied after you login, based on your previous activity and contributions.

What will happen to my posts on the old site?
We are migrating posts and archiving or surfacing them, depending on their relevance and quality. We want to make sure that all great content is still available but also encourage you to start new conversations.

What will happen to my existing email subscriptions?
Email subscriptions will not be migrated to the new Community. After you login, you can choose your new subscriptions to entire categories (e.g. Release Notes) or by specific labels. More info on managing your subscriptions and notifications can be seen here.

Will my bookmarks for the old site still work?
Any old links will redirect to the new Community site, so all your bookmarks should still work.

What will happen to the leaderboards?
Your community contributions (posts, likes given and received, and solutions) will be migrated and carried forward into the Google Cloud Community ranking system.

The new Community has two primary leaderboards: Top Liked Posters and Top Solution Authors.

Will the AppSheet team still participate in the new Community?
Yes! All the same AppSheet/Google team members will be participating in the Community, plus new Google Cloud Community team members.

You’ll also have new opportunities for conversations with the team via webinars and office hours events.

Will the new Community have a space for Feature Ideas?
Yes! There will be a dedicated space for all members of the Community to provide feature requests and ideas to help make AppSheet even better.

What’s new is that we’ll be rolling out a revamped, formalized process for how feature requests are curated, reviewed, implemented, and communicated with you. Existing feature requests that have been shared on the legacy site will be carried over to the new platform and each idea will have a status indicating where they stand in the process.

Each user can add only one vote (“like”) per idea, but now, there is no limit to the number of ideas a user can vote for.


I’ve got only one question…

Does it come in black?
dark mode parrot party parrot



Hi @Lauren_van_der_Vaart @Andrew_Biernat @wturney

Thanks for the information on the new community site! :tada::star_struck:

I would like to confirm a few things.

Location of the AppSheet community

The current Google Cloud Community has menus for Google Cloud, Google Workspace, and CTO Connect.
Will AppSheet be added to these?


Post a Feature idea

As far as I know, the Google Cloud Community requires a license agreement and pre-approval to post a feature idea.

Submit ideas for Google Workspace - Google Workspace Admin Help.

However for the AppSheet community, I understood that anyone can post a feature idea without prior approval, is that correct?

News sharing by AppCreator

In which category should I post such topics?



How would a community member decide whether to post to Tips & Ticks over AppSheet Q&A? The two topics seem entirely overlapping, and thus redundant. This true today, which is why I routinely move questions out of Tips & Tricks into Questions.

Why does AppSheet Q&A have “AppSheet” in it where the other pages, Tips & Resources, Feature Ideas, Release Notes & Announcements, and Events do not? Are AppSheet-related posts only appropriate in AppSheet Q&A but non-AppSheet posts are appropriate in the others?

Will I retain my moderator privileges in the new forum?


Hi @Lauren_van_der_Vaart ! Welcome to the Community!! :innocent:



Yes, that is correct. There will be no approval process for feature ideas, similar to how it works today on Discourse.

I would recommend to post these in Tips & Tricks. Perhaps updating the title could make this more clear.


Hey Steve,

Yes, you will continue to have moderator privileges in the new forum. :100:


So, to log in to the New Site we need to use the account of the AppSheet account and not the Community one?

Is this a typo? I mean, I have one AppSheet Community account (Not GCC) and multiple AppSheet accounts. I’m pushed to multiple AppSheet Community accounts now?
To login to the new community site we will need to give permissions to GCC as well as we do today to AppSheet? On AppSheet it makes sense because we need to have access to our cloud storage also but on GCC it doesn’t. So, how are we gonna log in if we are not using Google Services (rather than AppSheet)? Is there going to be a Email and Password option? What happens to the password in that case, we need to register in some way to create it?

Is there Markdown, BBCode and/or HTML support?


It certainly has the ability to insert HTML as a snippet, but I don’t believe it has the ability to process any form of markup during normal post creation. It is more wysiwyg using menu icons to apply formatting.

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Unfortunately it is pretty limited in terms of format/theme preferences so no dark mode


What Lauren meant was Appsheet Community account, not your Appsheet account.

Lauren is referring to your Appsheet Community account (Discourse). If you don’t have a GCC account (I assume most do not have one already) you will login with the same credentials and password that you use today on Discourse.


Yes, when you login for the first time with your Discourse credentials you will go through the registration flow to “claim” your account and verify your email address.


Thanks @Andrew_Biernat to make it clear.
Thanks @Lauren_van_der_Vaart also for editing your reply

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I love to see that this community embraces party parrot. :rofl:


(@SkrOYC enters the chat)

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First of all, thanks to @Lauren_van_der_Vaart and all the other people on the AppSheet Team for this update. Reading the explanations has helped me anticipate what is coming. I’m looking forward to it.

The following point made by Steve reminded me of a similar concern I sometimes feel:

In my case, when I notice what I think is a bug of some sort, I sometimes wonder where I should post about it, Questions or Feature Requests. I would like to post somewhere within the community because doing so helps me learn if I am pretty much alone in having that concern or if lots of other people are concerned about the same issue.

I usually post in Questions because that gets better feedback. Questions has a “bugs and issues” tag and it tends to get a better response than Feature Requests because, in the current forum, you can’t “like” a feature request – you can only vote for it.

I see that this restriction on interactivity will not be continued in the new forum:

That’s good. In that case, I think it may make more sense for bugs and other issues that don’t quite rise to the level of a new “features” to be posted there, instead of in the Questions category. After all, posts in Questions are about things one doesn’t know how to do whereas the Feature Requests are, at base, opinions about stuff that one would like to see improved. So, posts about bugs and other issues should probably go there.

If that’s the case, I wonder if Feature Requests is a broad enough label. Suggestion box might closer. Or, Feature requests and issues may be OK.

Thanks for your consideration.

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The editor is a rich text editor (it’s TinyMCE). It supports HTML, but not Markdown or BBCode at this time.