New Bug Encountered: Expression assistant doesn't like the text "Second" being first in a list

I have seen this error a few times over the course of several months while working in this app.

The app gives approval levels as “First”, “Second”, “Third” and “Fourth”. Most approvals are done by “Second” and above.

Whenever the text “Second” is the beginning value in list of literals, the expression assistant throws an error of “unrecognized token”. See example below

This is easily fixed by moving the literal text in the list so its not first but could it be an indicator of the parser not recognizing first value list tokens?

Expression where the literal value of “Second” is first in list - Error "unrecognized token"

By simply moving “Second” to the end of the list - the expression passes parsing


What if you use LIST() rather than curly braces?

I can try to see if that makes a difference. Even if it does, it seems there is still a bug…wouldn’t you agree?

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Confirmed…using LIST(“Second”, …) does NOT suffer the same problem as with curly braces.

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Yeah, it’s merely a workaround. My impression is that using curly braces to define arrays is a hack of the underlying library. Curly-brace arrays have a number of quirks. This looks like another.

I cant clearly remember, but when i pushed hardcoded array with curly brace, I got error. In stead, i switch to list expression which made through.
Yes, sounds likes curly-brace is not recognized correctly on certain user cases, I hope Appsheet dev team review over it.

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