New Bug Encountered: Overlay action on Dashboard views not on fixed position

The overlay action on mobile Dashboard views is exactly appearing as normal overlay on the bottom-right of the screen. Its appearing on the bottom of the view, not the screen.

On long views, we need to scroll the screen to see the action on the bottom of the view. Otherwise, we cannot see it.

Good catch! I wonder what happens when there are two Detail views in the same Dashboard?

I have yet to encounter this on any of my dashboards on mobile. Does it happen on multiple different phones?

Adding @nico @morgan

This bug is still around.

I’ve got a dashboard view showing a small map view on top of a very long list of records in a deck view. One has to scroll to the very bottom of this list to access the Add overlay button.

This only affects mobile/device views. In a browser, the overlay action shows fine.

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Developers are aware of the problem. Apparently, it only affects smaller-screen devices.

Aware of the problem and Fixing a problem are 2 different things. Trust me I have allot of this experience running a business. Is there a plan to fix this? I think there should be a list on this site to see what devs are working on :). And so you know certain items are not forgotten about etc.

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Any news on fixing this?

“Display overlay” on Dashboard is working as “Display at the bottom of the view”. That’s very different, specially on longer-than-the-screen views.


A fix should be coming soon pending successful review and testing.