New Expression to capture the list of app user email

useremail() expression capture the email address who are currently log in.

As additional new feature, I wish to have new expression to capture the list of user emails, for app with “required sign in” setting.

Currently, I don’t see the way and trick to get the list of app user emails who are on the white list as app users.

You can see the list from last 30 days from Manage > Monitor > Usage statistics. Though it needs Pro plan.

No, no no.
I m saying expression, formula that return list of user.

For instance, you create the column called useremailList, and push expression then return the email as list type as column value.

What would be the use case?

For example, Sending email, notification sms via workflow, scheduled report. Select the list of emails of app user to receive those.


Yes, this would be very useful. The ‘broadcast’ tool is only available when you log into the editor. There’s no way to programmatically send a message to all users without maintaining your own table of users and emails.

It would be great to have a WHITELIST() function that returns the list of emails in the whitelist, that could be used in the To: and CC: fields of email workflows.

There is a similar feature request here:

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That is just a example for a use case. The expression could be used anywhere we can add such an expression, which will give more of ideas to expand the usages.