New User: Question about creating unique id

Im struggling with understanding how to get a unique ID set as a key for my table. I’ve tried manually created a column on my table within appsheet and popping UniqueID() in Initial Value… but that didnt work. It keeps defaulting back to using the row number and telling me that it’s not good to do so.

None of the fields in my sheet can really be considered unique, so I’m not sure what else to use? I included a screenshot of my sheet for reference. (not all of my entries will have barcodes)

Im sorry if the answer is obvious. I’ve gone through the help pages a number of times but I just cant make progress.

Make sure the new key column is set as editable, and required, and de-select _rownumber as key at the same time as selecting the new column as key.


See also:

That did the trick, Marc, thank you! I read the articles but couldnt wrap my head around it.

I appreciate you taking the time to help!

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