Nobody is resolving this problem, AND IT SI GETING WORSE? WHAT IS GOING ON?

nobody is resolving our problem???


We have bigger problems now. It wont change a thing even in the app editor if we change some functions it doesent show in our apps.


Re: Please HELP!!! Doesn’t change data, shows old data when changes are made


|### Oleg from AppSheet|Thu, 11 Mar, 23:12 (9 hours ago)||

to me


Hello Novica,

Thank you for contacting Google Cloud Support.

I understand that you didn’t see expected updates after changing some data

It could be related to the fact that some rules depend from server side processing, therefore could be updated immediately after local changes.

Please share name of the view and steps to reproduce that behavior, then I’ll be able to assist you better.

Thank you,

Oleg from AppSheet

to support


Please resolve our issue that we sent you last night for

ID: 766318

nobody is doing anything. We have bigger problems now. It wont change a thing even in the app editor if we change some functions it doesent show in our apps.

All of our users are having this problem and they are furious

it is not changing data when some thing is clicked and it needs to sinck to see the changes.

in app when i pres the stop button it neds to turn form red to green and to show stop time it doesn’t do that, it stays like it was only when i do the sink it changes.

acoun number is

ID: 766318

apps that have this issues are





basikly all the apps in our acount have this problem it doesent change data.

in second app, when you go in the form view and charge some data and go to detail view it show old data, only when i do the sink it changes .

in this gif what you can see is that wen we pres the button it needs to change from red to green but it wont, worked fine two days ago now it doesn’t react and i doeset change time for start and stop when presd. (2)

@Steve this is only one app in others it is the sam problem it needs to sink all the changes so it could show chages that zou madestrong text

@Steve @praveen

Hi @ns_soft_studio1 , it seems like you have sent in a support ticket. On any such issue, if you feel you aren’t getting a response, please feel free to cc me (

What will help us the most is detailed instructions on the simplest way to reproduce the problem on our side. Almost always, if we can reproduce a problem, we can figure out quickly what is going on. But it takes a long time to reproduce a problem. This is usually because we (our support team or our engineers) are not familar with your app. Even when you show a gif, we don’t know how to get to that stage in the app to do what you showed.

So if you could provlde detailed “repro” steps, that drastically shortens the time to resolution. And I’ll look out for email from you and will ensure it gets attention.


We have sent the steps that cause this in that app that is shown in the gif, and how to get to that.

But that problem is in all of our apps, it doesn’t change any input that is given, not only in functions, but in text also.

And now it wont change functions that are given in the app editor like “show if” and “editable if”.

We have had a response now (this morning our time) that it is a familiar problem and the fix is on the way, and that happened after second mail that we have sent about the issue.

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