Number/Decimal column step size should not determine validity

When you have a number or decimal column where you specify an increase/decrease step size, it seems that this causes some internal validity check that any manually entered inputs must be a multiple of the step size. This seems extraneous given that we can already specify our own valid_if expression to cover this if we want, and I see no reason why this should always be forced.

Consider a situation where you need to allow decimal inputs to a column, however most of the time the inputs are just integers. You may want to specify 2 decimal places, and also a step size of 1 to give your users convenience when inputting. This is currently not possible.

See this post for reference:

Pictures to show what we’re talking about:



Thanks for this feedback… I do agree the case with this one.


If we could get this resolved it would save my users quite a bit of time by making the + and - buttons more relevant. Currently most of our decimal inputs allow for two decimal places, but they have to manually type just about every number because the + and - buttons only go up in increments of .01

I agree. I think I posted about the need for this quite awhile ago. We put in an estimated value for preseason calculations, but want to put in a 2 decimal final value post completion. The +/- buttons aren’t useful to us right now. We start with 220 but may end up 233.87.