Option to turn on "quick edit for table view" by default

Quick edit on table view is no doubt useful. But the required action to get their is not necessarily user-friendly nor intuitive enough, as we need to ask user to hit the edit box icon at header navigation area to enable.

As app creator, I wish to have control to turn on quick edit on table by default as option, assigned to each different view.
For some of the table view, I wish to present the table view to the user to call for edit and update upon opening the table view to make their life easier and app itself move intuitive.

This is also applied to inline-table view as well, when the table view is presented as inline as a part of detail view as well.

Thank you for consideration.

@Arthur_Rallu we should add this to our list of small friction items to address…

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Until this feature can be implemented, you might find this post of interest. It details the ability of creating a Deep Link, tacking on “&quickedit=true”, that can open a view with the Quick Edit turned on.

You can then create a navigation action to open the view in Quick Edit as a workaround.


That’s cool, hadn’t thought of that.

Or would be cool if you could just leave a table open and editable. Save every change is a sync item.

So an option toggle for always editable, or lock/unlock bulk edits.

Ahh, that’s great, I have a spot to implement that immediately actually. Thanks!

We need this really badly