Optionally change the width of detail view to fit with screen size

Detail view is cutting off the space both side, left and right when we view the same on the computer regardless of the screen size.

When we have table view as inline, we need to scroll to right to view the rest of column.

If we could change the width of Detail View optionally to full width to expand, we can instantly access and view the rest of the columns.
Even for the rest of view, like card, gallery etc, it would give more quicker insight to user to access to the items in inline view as well.

People may say we can achieve by setting the view to Dashboard, but user experience of those two view, i.e. full width detail view and dashboard view is different.

Please allow me to raise as a feature request.


When I visited to Appheet office, I spoke and mention to team as one of feature request as well, but let me add the same here.

In addition to this particular feature request to expand the width till full screen size, the detail view itself can have another option to change it to multiple column, meaning, we set

  1. full screen
  2. Number of column ; 2 (for instance)

Then the items on the detail view will be displayed in the form of two column along with full width to fit your own screen.

Currently the left right side of the detail view on the pc browser view is kinda of “dead space”, i simply want to utilize the space. Mottainai (もったいない).