Picture Error

Hello, I have an app that captures images. I have been getting this error in my google sheet for a small handful of users “Unable to load image data. Image may be missing or upload size may be too large for this device. The image may still be in the camera roll on the device.” Any idea what is causing it?

I would guess the image might be too large.

Hi @Lindsey_Allen did you find a solution? I’m also having this problem now.
In my Google Sheet it only says: “Unable to load image data. Image may be missing or upload size may be too large for this device.”
I found one interesting answer from @praveen

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My issue had to do with something in the cell phone settings of the user.

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Thank you @Lindsey_Allen. Do you remember what setting this was? And was it on Android or on iPhone?

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Hi @Lindsey_Allen , did you get a solution? I have the same problem using different devices. not evry picture but 3/10.

If i recall correctly it had something to do with the device picture quality settings

Hi @Luis_Rodriguez_II to us it helped deleting all images from the phone’s camera roll.


@Fabian hi.
I have deleted all photos, cleaned my cellphone, re installed the app, used another device, but its the same.
i get this issue in 4 out of 10 pics .
Just to get in context, the first 7000 pics I take dosent have any problem… a week ago it started with the same device I’ve been using.
Just dont know how to fix it. :pensive:

Were the affected files very large?

thats tricky part @Steve, the files are the almost the same size (pixels and kb) as the others who has passed.
Also, I tried to upload the same file (“choose from existing”) and in the 2nd or 3rd time it work.

I’m afraid I have no idea. Best to engage Support, I think.